21. 11. 2023
Top 3 Smart Home Cyber Security Risks and 35 Ways How to Prevent Them

Smart technology has made our homes more efficient and comfortable than ever before. We gotta be careful when we go all-in on digital security. That's why we need to have strong cyber security measures in place. Explore the basics of smart home cybersecurity and learn how to secure your home in the digital age.

24. 10. 2023
Burglary Prevention 101: Simple Steps to Secure Your Home

This article will help you understand how to protect your home and property from burglary by covering ways to secure your home, like lighting and landscaping, as well as security cameras and alarms. Let's learn how to prevent burglary and keep our homes safe!

10. 10. 2023
Complete Guide on How to Get Started with Home Security 

In this article, we'll guide you on how to start with home security. Check out our burglary stats article first to stay informed. Then, come back for tips on how to get started.

26. 09. 2023
Burglar-Proofing: NHSM Guide to Ultimate Home Security

October, the National Home Security Month (NHSM) – where we're all about keeping you safe. We'll take you through the importance of NHSM and share some valuable insights to help you safeguard your home. So, let's dive in!

29. 08. 2023
Your 101 Guide on How to Choose a Home Security System

With various options available, selecting the right home security system can be daunting. From traditional hardware to smart technologies, we'll unravel the factors you need to consider, empowering you to make an informed decision to choose the best home security system. Dive into our guide and make the best decision possible!

01. 08. 2023
Quick Shopping Guide on the 5 Best Security Camera Apps

Check the comprehensive review of the best five security camera apps in the market and find the one that best suits your needs. Find the best ultimate solution to your security needs!

27. 06. 2023
Alfred Camera Alternative: Exploring ZoomOn as a Potential Option

If you're looking for a reliable Alfred Camera alternative, we have the solution for you! ZoomOn is a comprehensive home security system that caters to all your home surveillance requirements. Say goodbye to limitations and explore the endless possibilities with ZoomOn!

30. 05. 2023
From Wired to Wireless: Discovering the Types of Home Security Systems

Understand the different types of home security systems available. From wired and wireless systems to monitored and unmonitored options, as well as the rise of smart home security, this article will explore the various types of home security systems

02. 05. 2023
Listen Up: Why Audio Surveillance is a Must-Have Feature in Modern Security Systems

While most people are familiar with the visual capabilities of security cameras, audio surveillance is a topic that needs to be more widely understood. We will provide an overview of audio surveillance in security cameras, including its advantages and disadvantages, best practices for use, and privacy concerns related to this technology.

25. 04. 2023
Protect Your Home with Ease: Install The Best IP Camera App for iPhone

Explore the importance of home security and how IP camera apps for iPhone can help enhance it. We will provide an in-depth review of the top IP camera app for iPhone, highlighting its features and benefits, and guide you on how to set up an IP camera app on your iPhone.

18. 04. 2023
How to Set Up and Use an IP ONVIF Camera Viewer App on Your Smartphone

The importance of ONVIF camera viewer lies in the ability to monitor and manage IP cameras from anywhere, providing users with a sense of security and peace of mind. This article explores the benefits and features of IP ONVIF home security apps and how to choose the right one.

11. 04. 2023
Smart Home Security: Using HomeKit Security System to Enhance Your Camera System

Integrating HomeKit compatible cameras with home security apps further enhances home security. Explore the benefits of HomeKit compatibility with home security apps and how users can set up a HomeKit-compatible home security system to protect their homes.

04. 04. 2023
Reuse, Recycle & Protect: Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera

Home security is a top priority for many homeowners. But not everyone has the budget to invest in high-end security systems or cameras. There is a solution that is both budget-friendly and environmentally conscious – using an old phone as a security camera. 

28. 03. 2023
Multiple Camera Security System: Improve Safety and Security

A multiple camera security system is a type of security system that consists of multiple cameras placed in different locations to monitor and record activity in and around a property. Having a security system at home can provide several benefits, including increased safety and security, crime prevention, and peace of mind.

21. 03. 2023
Real-Time Alerts: How Security Camera Push Notifications Keep You One Step Ahead

You're always one step ahead with advanced push notification technology that sends you real-time alerts about what's happening outside your door. In this article, we'll take a look at how these alerts can help you stay on top of the situation and improve your security.

14. 03. 2023
Protecting Your Home and Family: The Importance of Home Security Lighting

Home security lighting is an effective way to protect your home and property. The right lighting can deter burglars and other criminals. Here's everything you need to know about choosing the best home security lighting.

07. 03. 2023
Security Cameras With Zoom: Can't Decide? It's Worth It!

IP cameras with zoom are the best security cameras. They allow you to get a better view of what’s happening in your home, office or business. In this article, we will discuss questions about home security systems with zoom.

28. 02. 2023
How To Choose The Best Long Range Wireless Camera For Your Home

How do we keep an eye on our homes, businesses, or other places of interest from a distance or when we're not around to physically check things out? The answer is remote monitoring–utilizing long range wireless camera systems.

21. 02. 2023
How to Choose Recording Security Camera System? Here’s Your Guide

We all want to live in a safe and secure home. This is why home security cameras are one of the best ways to protect your family, your valuables and even yourself. A recording security camera system can provide you with greater peace of mind.

14. 02. 2023
Security Cameras With Motion Detection: All You Need to Know

The best home security cameras can keep you and your family safe. Some of them even have motion detection, which alerts you to what's happening in specific areas of your home.

07. 02. 2023
Do You Need Security Cameras With Two-Way Audio? Here’s All You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered if you need security cameras with two-way audio? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons you might think...

05. 12. 2022
How To Protect Your Packages From Porch Pirates?

Don't tease the thieves with the packages left outside the doors. Take a look at tips on how to protect your packages from porch pirates!

14. 11. 2022
Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From O to Z

The third and final part of our educational project about home security vocabulary is here! If we have forgotten any terms, feel free to find...

24. 10. 2022
Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From H to N

If you're starting with home security, you probably don't know all the essential home security terms yet. But that's okay. Just read our series...

04. 10. 2022
Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From A to G

Do you sometimes feel like some home security terms are unfamiliar to you? No wonder! Many new home security terms emerge every year, and keeping up with them can be pretty challenging.

06. 08. 2022
TOP 7 Security Gadgets to Protect Your Home

Do you feel insecure when you have to go away from home for a couple of days or weeks? Do you often wonder if everything is all right at home? Maybe it's time to start considering...

01. 07. 2022
How to Deter Burglars From Your Home?

We can probably all agree that the thought of a burglarized home scares everyone. We could not only lose our valuables in such unpleasant life situations, but we may also suffer a shock...

30. 05. 2022
Do I Really Need a Home Security Camera System?

Home security systems are increasingly finding their way into homes around the world. Many circumstances can lead you to get one. Sometimes the main reason is prevention, and sometimes it may be an unpleasant experience...

30. 05. 2022
TOP 8 Reasons To Install a Home Security System

You may have never been thinking about getting a home camera system. You may also think it's a waste of money. And maybe you tell yourself that burglaries and property damage...