Burglary Prevention

Burglary Prevention 101: Simple Steps to Secure Your Home

Burglary is a serious problem throughout the world, happening every 15 seconds. Nobody is entirely safe from it, so it’s important to take steps to burglary prevention.

This article will help you understand how to protect your home and property from burglary by covering ways to secure your home, like lighting and landscaping, as well as security cameras and alarms.

Let’s learn how to prevent burglary and keep our homes safe!

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The Anatomy of a Break-In

Burglary is a type of crime that involves theft or unlawful entry into someone’s property.

Burglaries are often categorized into two types – residential and commercial. Residential burglaries involve the unauthorized entry into a person’s home. In contrast, commercial burglaries occur in businesses and other non-residential buildings.

It is important to note that burglary differs from other types of theft because it involves breaking and entering, which is a separate crime. Burglars typically gain access by breaking doors or windows, picking locks, or finding unsecured entry points.

But, burglary is a serious crime that can result in severe legal consequences, including imprisonment. Breaking into someone’s property with the intent to commit a crime is considered a felony in most cases and punishable by law.

Recent statistics on home burglary in 2023 show that burglars use more sophisticated entry methods and changing tactics. It’s important to know what’s going on so you can keep your home safe. Dive into the latest stats and insights to answer the question: How secure is your home in 2023?

Five Essential Tips for Burglary Prevention

Preventing burglars from breaking into your home isn’t just about keeping your stuff safe. It’s also about lights, locks, and alarms.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to stop burglars and make your home more secure.

Check out our five tips guide on how to prevent burglaries:

1. Home Security Basics

You need solid and reliable locks to prevent burglaries.

Make sure all entry points, including doors and windows, have top-notch deadbolts and reinforced frames

Don’t forget to check and maintain these locks regularly to keep them working as expected.

For an extra layer of protection:

Consider getting smart locks that let you keep an eye on access from afar.

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2. Home Lighting and Landscaping

Having well-lit exteriors can be a great way to deter burglars.

To keep your home safe, you can set up motion-activated lighting near entryways, pathways, and other vulnerable areas. A well-lit area makes it harder for burglars to approach your home unnoticed.

You should also keep an eye on your landscaping.

Trim shrubs and trees near windows to remove any hiding spots. Avoid having overgrown or obstructive plants that can provide cover.

3. Alarm Systems and Security Cameras

Alarm systems are great at scaring off burglars. You can even connect them to your phone so you’ll know if anything’s up when you’re not around.

Just make sure you go with a good security system and put up some signs to let people know your place isn’t an easy target.

Security cameras are like having your own personal watchdog. They can help you spot the bad guys and maybe even catch them in the act.

Plus, with the really good cameras, you can check up on your place whenever you want, anywhere.

4. Securing Valuables

Securing your home is not just about fortifying the physical structure but also taking measures to protect your valuable possessions.

Keep your important documents, cash, and expensive jewelry safe by stashing them in a home safe or a bank safety deposit box.

Also, consider marking your prized possessions with unique identifiers and keeping a record of their serial numbers. In case of a burglary, this information can help the cops track and recover your stolen items.

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5. Neighborhood Watch Programs

Being part of a neighborhood watch program can help prevent burglaries. 

It’s a great way to build community and encourage everyone to watch out for each other.

When neighbors keep an eye out and communicate effectively, it makes it harder for burglars to do their thing without getting caught.

Four Other Burglary Prevention

  1. Never leave keys in obvious spots to keep your home safe from burglars. 
  2. Keep a list of valuable items with descriptions and serial numbers in a safe place away from home.
  3. Take photos or videos of valuables and trim bushes to reduce cover. 
  4. Report suspicious activity to 9-1-1 if you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood.
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How to Deter Burglars From Your Home?

Worried about the safety of your home?

Chill out; we’ve got you covered!

Check out our ultimate guide on how to deter burglars from your home.


You’re now equipped to prevent burglaries and protect your home. Reinforce doors and windows, invest in alarms and cameras, and be in close contact with your neighbors.

Break-ins might still happen, but now you’ve got what it takes to burglary prevention.

FAQ: Burglary Prevention

How can you prevent burglary?

Secure your home with solid locks, well-lit exteriors, and alarm systems to prevent burglary. Consider community involvement through neighborhood watch programs.

What is the best way to deal with burglary?

First things first, make sure you and anyone else around are safe. Dial the 9-1-1 as soon as possible, don’t mess with anything at the scene, capture some evidence if you can, and give your insurance company a heads up.

Do alarms prevent burglaries?

Yes, alarms can help prevent burglaries by deterring intruders and alerting homeowners to a break-in.

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