25. 03. 2024
What’s New: Dive Into Features of ZoomOn Home Security Camera App [2024 UPDATE]

There’s more to home security than just cameras, alarms and live stream video. Today’s home security systems are smarter, more versatile, budget-friendly and offer features you might not even know existed....

19. 03. 2024
5 Steps To Turn Your Phone Into a Security Camera [With Pictures]

ZoomOn is the ultimate way to turn your phone into a security camera! It's the best security solution out there, all packed into one app. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your phone into a security...

15. 03. 2024
ZoomOn Security Camera App Pricing [Freemium]

Freemium pricing model is a game-changer! You get to use the basic features for free, and if you want more advanced security, you just upgrade to a premium plan. It's as simple as...

home security checklist

26. 12. 2023
Lock, Stock, and Ready: Your Ultimate Home Security Checklist for 2024

Keep your home safe all year round! We've created the 2024 home security checklist – a comprehensive guide that will help you identify areas that require improvement, upgrade, and purchase. ...

home safety tips for the holidays

05. 12. 2023
Holly Jolly Home Safety: Home Safety Tips For the Holidays

According to recent statistics, incidents of break-ins spike by 20% during this time. That's why we've put together 22 essential home safety tips for the holidays to prepare you to protect your home and your loved...

21. 11. 2023
Top 3 Smart Home Cyber Security Risks and 35 Ways How to Prevent Them

Smart technology has made our homes more efficient and comfortable than ever before. We gotta be careful when we go all-in on digital security. That's why we need to have strong cyber security measures in place....