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Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From O to Z

The third and final part of our educational project about home security vocabulary is here! If we have forgotten any terms, feel free to find more educational articles online and expand your horizons!


Outdoor Camera

Security cameras installed outside the home (mainly on the facades). Compared to indoor security cameras, they are larger and more weatherproof.  


Porch Pirate

A porch pirate is a person who steals delivered packages left outside doors by couriers.


Remote Access

Remote access is the ability to manage systems or devices from anywhere, using a mobile phone or tablet.


A device extends the Wi-Fi signal range that a regular Wi-Fi router can’t reach. You can find it mainly in large family houses or apartments.


Security Camera

A security camera is a device that monitors a defined area to protect property or people.

Security System

A combination of electronic devices and software that helps protect your property from thieves and potential home intruders. A typical home security system comprises security cameras, door/window sensors, motion sensors, and a central control panel.

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A device that can detect potential danger. Security sensors (detecting intrusion) and safety sensors (detecting smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, etc.).

Smart Home

A home with security cameras, safety sensors, and other electronic devices that can be controlled via a mobile app or a control panel. All these devices communicate with each other via an internet network.

Smart Device

Devices that you can connect to the internet to control them remotely or take full advantage of their functions.

Smart Plug

Plugs that allow you to switch connected appliances off and on remotely. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or web browser on your computer. Most often, smart plugs work as part of a home Wi-Fi connection or via Bluetooth.

Smoke Detector

A sensor that can detect smoke indoors. It triggers a high-pitched sound to alert people nearby when it detects smoke.

Spy Camera

A hidden camera that can capture video footage is used to film people without their knowledge.


Tempered Glass

Special safety glass used as door glass, car window glass, etc. It is about four times stronger than annealed glass.

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Two-Way Talk

The function that allows you to have a two-way conversation via camera and mobile device from a remote location.


Water Detector

Also Flood detector. A small safety device that sounds an alarm when it comes into contact with water.

Window Sensor

A small security device placed on the window. It can detect when a window has been broken or forced open. 


If the device is wireless, it does not need hardwiring to operate.


If the device is wired, it needs cables to be connected to the internet or a power source.

That’s it! You have just completed a three-part home security vocabulary course! Now you won’t be surprised when it’s your turn to talk about home security. Anyway, we’d love to have you deepen your home security knowledge with our other blog articles!

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