ZoomOn Security Camera App Pricing [Freemium]

ZoomOn home security app is the talk of the town, and for good reason! 

This home security app does not just turn your phone into a home security system; it also makes home security affordable and accessible.

How is that? 

Well, it’s all thanks to the freemium pricing model. It’s a game-changer, folks! You get to use the basic features for free, and if you want more advanced security, you just upgrade to a premium plan. It’s as simple as that.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the magic behind Zoomon’s freemium pricing model. We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to learn more about this innovative method to home security.

Benefits of the Freemium Pricing Model

We live in an era where it’s all about a customer-centric approach, and consumers love the liberty of trying something out before fully investing in it. 

And that’s exactly what the freemium model offers—it allows the customer to experience the benefits of a product before making a financial commitment

But let’s take a more in-depth look at how this benefits ZoomOn home security app users.

The freemium model provides a risk-free method for potential users to try out the features of our ZoomOn home security app without any upfront investment. This is hugely advantageous as it opens the door for many who wouldn’t have taken the plunge otherwise. 

ZoomOn is all about making home security affordable and accessible.

Go Premium With ZoomOn

Freemium Pricing Model in ZoomOn Home Security App

So, what’s a freemium model? 

It’s a blend of „free“ and „premium.“ In essence, folks get to use the basic features of the app absolutely free

Now, that’s enticing, isn’t it? 

But here’s where it gets interesting. For users itching to access more advanced functionality, there is a premium plan to upgrade to.

With ZoomOn, this technique is adroitly executed. Anyone can download and start using it without spending a dime. You want video surveillance? You’ve got it. Need to see the audio activity graph? We’ve got you covered. But crave for that HomeKit or IP cameras or that comforting shroud of night vision? Well, that’s where the premiums kick in.

Get More From ZoomOn

FeaturesFree👑 Premium
Live stream video – LQ
Audio activity graph
Live stream video – HD🔒
Add Homekit or IP Cams🔒
Motion Detection🔒
Hight Quality Audio🔒
Picture in Picture🔒
Two way communication🔒
Night vision🔒

Freemium features in ZoomOn Camera App

„What does one get with the freemium offering?“

For ZoomOn, as a freemium user, you’ll enjoy a multitude of standout features designed for a quality home security experience.

Add HomeKit or IP Cameras

If you’ve already invested in HomeKit or IP cameras, there’s good news. You can integrate them directly with the ZoomOn app. This means you can manage everything under the ZoomOn app without jumping from one app to another. That’s seamless convenience right there.

Video Live streaming in HD quality

With ZoomOn, expect crystal clear video surveillance in High Definition (HD). Whether it’s keeping tabs on your pets or making sure your home is secure while away, the HD surveillance feature ensures you see everything in clear, sharp detail.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is an integral part of home security. ZoomOn spotlights this by having a top-tier motion detection feature. If anything out of the ordinary happens, you’ll be the first to know—the app will send you a notification alert.

High-Quality Audio

Videos with poor sound quality can feel lacking. With ZoomOn, you’ll not only see actions unfold, but you’ll also hear what’s happening with high-quality audio.

Picture in Picture

The „Picture in Picture“ feature is a goldmine when multitasking. With ZoomOn, you can keep an eye on the security feed in a small, movable window while utilizing other applications.

Two-Way Communication with Video

Distance doesn’t matter with ZoomOn. Its two-way communication feature with video makes it feel as though you’re right there. Engage with your family— or maybe even your pet—even when you’re miles away.

Night Vision

See clearly even in total darkness. ZoomOn’s night vision enables high-quality vision at night, ensuring 24/7 protection. Always know what’s happening around your house regardless of the time of day.


If you ever need to look back in time, ZoomOn has you covered. The app keeps records of video and audio data for your future reference, so you can always have peace of mind knowing you can trace any unusual event.


Not everyone uses the same devices or platforms, and ZoomOn understands this. The app is accessible across different platforms — whether you’re an Android person, an Apple enthusiast, or prefer a desktop, you’re set.

Why Freemium Pricing Model?

High security, home surveillance features don’t need to be luxury commodities

That’s where ZoomOn and its freemium pricing approach steps in, creating an accessible, user-friendly platform for all to tap into.

Access to basic security needs shouldn’t break anyone’s bank. So, ZoomOn’s freemium model offers numerous premium features‘ experiences for free

Able to integrate HomeKit or IP cameras, HD video surveillance, motion detection, and high-quality audio. It’s about letting users recognize the quality of what they could be signing up for.

Freemium offers users the freedom to choose, experiment, and test the waters before making a commitment, which speaks volumes about our confidence in the product.

By letting users have a taste of features like picture-in-picture mode, two-way communication with video, night vision, recording capabilities, and multiplatform accessibility, it’s clear that freemium isn’t just a pricing model. 

We value our users, their needs, and financial possibilities, and we believe that ZoomOn is an effective, valuable tool for managing security needs.

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