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Security Camera Installation Tips

Have you recently bought home security cameras. ? Do you already know where you will install them? To ensure your camera system serves you effectively, you should also keep some security camera installation tips and tricks in mind. So feel free to get inspired by our article!

Check our security camera installation tips!

1) Test it before installation

Don’t rush to attach the camera to the desired location permanently. Fix the camera on the wall or facade with tape or some other temporary fix and thoroughly test all the claimed functions of the camera. 

If the cameras are wireless, check if you have a sufficient Wi-Fi signal. Also, make sure that the camera monitors all the required locations. If all is well, mount the camera permanently.

2) High mounting point

Place cameras at least 8 feet above the ground – this is the best height for security cameras. If you place the camera lower, burglars will have no trouble disabling the camera. Contrarily, if you put the camera too high, you may lose all the details from the video footage.

Either way, remember the camera location should be easily accessible for possible inspection or maintenance of the camera.

3) Wired or wireless camera?

Wired cameras are more reliable because they don’t depend on Wi-Fi signal strength or the battery level. On the other hand, you are a bit limited when it comes to the wired camera’s placement. 

Wireless security cameras are a good choice if you want an affordable solution, don’t want to invest too much money, or don’t want any construction work.

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Wired security cameras will always be the best choice if you prefer reliability. However, ensure that there is an electrical outlet near the location of the wired camera. Measure the cable in the camera package. If the cable length is insufficient, you can buy longer extension cables.

4) Local or cloud storage?

Most security camera manufacturers now primarily offer cloud storage. The advantage of cloud storage is the easy accessibility of the footage. You can view footage through phone or desktop applications. At the same time, burglars or hackers cannot steal the footage from you.

Local storage is still popular for users who prefer privacy and convenience. If you choose this option, make sure that local storage is easily accessible when needed.

And what types of local storage do camera manufacturers offer?

  • Micro SD cards
  • USB drives
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

5) Avoid direct light

If you are dealing with outdoor security cameras, beware of direct light. It causes glare and color distortion in the footage. Rember that the sun changes its position in the sky. So ideally, check the light throughout the day.

This problem is not just about the Sun. Also consider the glow from lampposts, ceiling lamps, and other lights that may be shining on your cameras.

6) Be aware of blind-spots

If you’re a driver, you know how dangerous blind spots are. They can also cause wrinkles on your forehead if you have an incorrectly mounted security camera. 

Adjust its tilt if the camera isn’t taking up the area you want. If this doesn’t help, consider getting another outdoor security camera to cover all the required areas.

7) Visible or hidden outdoor cameras?

Very tricky question! Some owners hide their outdoor security cameras to get footage of unsuspecting intruders or vandals. At the same time, owners don’t want their cameras to be damaged.

ZoomOn app - Security Camera Installation Tips 02

On the other hand, visible security cameras can be more effective for preventative home security. Visible cameras can directly persuade vandals to avoid your house. However, they may indicate to some burglars that something precious may be in the house.

8) Protect/hide all cables

Don’t leave all connecting cables in plain sight. It’s easy for intruders or vandals to put these cameras out of action – just one cable cut, and you suddenly lose all evidence.

If possible, place all cables into cable conduits and embed them inside walls or facades. If you are not a fan of construction work, paint the cables to blend into their environment.

9) Perform regular maintenance

Check indoor and outdoor cameras regularly. What do you need to keep in mind for sure?

  • Test to see if cameras are firmly attached to the wall.
  • Check the cable connection and battery levels.
  • Erase unnecessary video footage.
  • Clean the cameras regularly.
  • Update the relevant home security app regularly.

10) Seek professional services

Stay informed so you don’t miss any vital information. Check out the camera manufacturers‘ websites now and then and follow their socials. 

Why? If they are trustworthy camera manufacturers, they must be doing their best to keep all customers informed about the exciting news.

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If your camera breaks down, don’t go straight into repairs. Contact an authorized service technician who will check and repair it for you. If you try to fix the camera on your own, you may lose the warranty!

So those were a few security camera installation tips you should memorize. If you already have a security camera system, we hope you have kept all these tips in mind when installing it. You can also search the internet for more helpful information!

What other questions do users have about security camera installation tips?

Can you install your own security system?

If you are tech-savvy and interested in home security, installing your own home security system will be easy. Just write down your expectations and choose suitable indoor and outdoor cameras accordingly. If you don’t know what to do, any experienced seller will be able to advise you. You can even contact directly the particular camera’s manufacturer.

What do users most often consider when buying home security cameras?

  • Price
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Range of features
  • User-friendliness of the related app
  • Quality of technical support

How much does it cost to install a security camera?

It’s hard to tell how much the professional security camera installation costs. It depends on the camera type and the related services. HomeGuide says that the average cost of the security camera is $125 to $450 each, including setup and installation work.

Is it time for a home security system?

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If you activate the yearly plan, you’ll automatically get a free 3-day trial so that you can test the app thoroughly. Thanks to features such as Motion detection, Recordings, Night vision, or Two-way video/audio, you can keep your home safe no matter where you are!

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