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TOP 8 Reasons To Install a Home Security System

You may have never been thinking about getting a home camera system. You may also think it’s a waste of money. And maybe you tell yourself that burglaries and property damage certainly don’t concern you. Of course, we don’t want to portend anything like that. But it would be best if you won’t take safety for granted; a break-in or damage can happen to you, too. What are your reasons to set up a home security system?

The field of IoT (Internet of things) has opened up limitless possibilities for us to secure our homes. Security cameras are essential home security equipment, but there are more security devices to consider. Today you can get valuable helpers like doorbells, smoke detectors, water detectors, or air quality sensors. 

So why not take advantage of these options and make your life easier and safer?

You’ll deter burglars

This is probably the most important reason. You don’t want to lose valuables or things you have an emotional attachment to. A would-be burglar will think twice about breaking into your house when he sees security cameras and other security devices on your facade. 

You won’t worry about your property

Yes, good neighbors who contact you as soon as something suspicious happens around your house are priceless. However, they are not always available. With a home camera system and a mobile phone app, you can check your property anytime.

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You’ll get rid of any doubts

Has something gone missing from the garden or front garden? Have you noticed any damage to your house? Just take a look at the camera footage, and you’ll be up to speed on what happened and who’s to blame. The mystery will be solved in no time.

You’ll increase the value of your house

A security camera system will impress any prospective buyers of your house. The interested parties will worry less because they will have a home security system from you at their disposal. They will surely appreciate your experience and advice on home security as well.

You’ll keep an eye on your pets and loved ones

A camera system doesn’t just come in handy for protecting your property. For example, you can also monitor your pets to see if they bite your slippers or tear up the sofa. If you are also looking after loved ones with a medical condition, a security camera can help you see if they are all right and need urgent care.

zoomon app - TOP 8 Reasons To Set Up a Home Security System

You’ll pay lower property insurance premiums

Most insurance companies will appreciate that you have a home secured by the surveillance system. Insurance companies will offer you lower premiums as a result. 

You can do this without a significant investment

You can set up a simple home camera system with just two mobile phones. Just install the home security app on them, and you’ll have a camera on one phone and a monitor on the other. This is the best way to utilize the old phones that you have put in a drawer.

You’ll be cool and inspire others

Maybe your friends will notice that you’re calmer and not even rushing home from a party or family gathering. Who knows, perhaps you’ll inspire your family and friends to take more interest in home security. 

You may have thought of other reasons to set up a home camera system. Great! But the main reason is prevention – by securing your home now, you can avoid potential problems in the future.

Feel free to try our ZoomOn app. Install it on two mobile phones, pair the phones together, and you can start monitoring your home. A free 3-day version is available (with an annual subscription).

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You can also add your existing security cameras to ZoomOn app to monitor your home with a single app. ZoomOn is compatible with HomeKit, IP ONVIF, and other IP cameras (supporting RTSP, MJPEG, and HLS protocol). The app guides you through the entire process of adding cameras. If you still don’t know how to do it, check out the Support section for FAQs and other helpful information.

Time for a home security system?

So how do you see it now? Has your opinion on home security changed? Go ahead, the possibilities are endless, and now you know that it’s not rocket science to get a home security system up and running – just use two mobile phones, and a home camera system is a reality!

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