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Alfred Camera Alternative: Exploring ZoomOn as a Potential Option

If you’re looking for a reliable Alfred Camera alternative, we have the solution for you! ZoomOn is a comprehensive home security system that caters to all your home surveillance requirements. 

Whether you’re worried about safety or want to keep an eye on your property, ZoomOn has got you covered with its advanced features, customizable settings, and easy-to-use interface. 

Say goodbye to limitations and explore the endless possibilities with ZoomOn!

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Alfred Camera vs ZoomOn

Don’t know which home security app to choose? Here’s what you need to know. The Alfred Camera and ZoomOn are both repurposing old smartphones as security cameras, providing live streaming and motion detection features. However, ZoomOn stands out with its advanced features, customizable settings, and user-friendly interface, while Alfred Camera is budget-friendly.

Product Review: Alfred Camera

Short Summary

Alfred Camera offers a free basic plan for repurposing old smartphones as security cameras, providing live streaming and motion detection features. However, occasional ads and advanced features like recordings storage require a premium subscription. It’s a simpler and inexpensive solution.

Detailed Product Review

Alfred Camera is a popular choice for DIY home monitoring with its free basic plan, allowing users to repurpose their old smartphones as security cameras. The app provides a convenient way to monitor your home remotely, with live streaming and motion detection features. The free plan offers limited features but still serves as a viable option for basic surveillance needs.

However, it’s worth noting that Alfred Camera does come with some drawbacks. While the app is free to use, occasional ads can disrupt the monitoring experience and may prove to be a minor inconvenience. Additionally, advanced features such as recordings storage and continuous recording are only available through premium subscription plans, which come at an additional cost.

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to monitor your home without investing in dedicated security cameras, Alfred Camera can be a suitable choice. 

Product Review: ZoomOn

Short Summary

ZoomOn is a top-notch home surveillance system with customizable settings, high-quality video streaming, motion detection alerts and recordings storage. It’s secure, adaptable, and even lets you use old smartphones as security cameras. Furthermore, it supports HomeKit, ONVIF and other IP cameras.

Detailed Product Review

ZoomOn offers a comprehensive home surveillance solution. ZoomOn repurposes old smartphones as security cameras, but you can also connect hardware cameras such as HomeKit, ONVIF and other IP cameras that support local RTSP, MJPEG or HLS streams. The app supports multiple camera monitoring and provides high-quality video streaming, allowing you to keep a close eye on your home at all times.

One of the standout features of ZoomOn is its motion and sound detection capability, which can alert you instantly whenever any movement or sound is detected in the monitored area. These features enhance your home’s security and allow for timely responses if any unusual activity occurs. Additionally, ZoomOn provides recording storage options, ensuring your recorded footage is securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.

The user interface of ZoomOn is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to set up and navigate the app effortlessly. With customizable camera settings and notification preferences, you can tailor ZoomOn to suit your specific monitoring requirements.

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Differences Between Products


If you’re looking for a DIY home monitoring solution, Alfred Camera and ZoomOn are two options worth considering. 

Alfred Camera repurposes old smartphones into security cameras and offers free live streaming and basic motion detection. However, if you want advanced features like motion detection alerts and recording storage, you must subscribe to a premium plan. 

ZoomOn also repurposes old smartphones as security cameras, but it takes home surveillance to the next level. In addition, to live streaming, ZoomOn offers advanced motion and sound detection alerts that instantly notify you of any detected movement or sound. You can also securely store and access your recorded footage with recordings storage options. With ZoomOn, you can experience a comprehensive and robust home security solution.

UI (User interface)

The interface of Alfred Camera is functional, but it might take some time to become familiar with how it works. For new users, learning to navigate and set up the app may not be straightforward, requiring some effort to get used to.

On the other hand, ZoomOn stands out for its user-friendly interface. It is designed to prioritise ease of use, guaranteeing a seamless and intuitive experience. Even if you are not familiar with home surveillance apps, you will find it effortless to navigate and set up ZoomOn. With this app, monitoring your home becomes a hassle-free task.


Alfred Camera has limited customization options, with users having fewer choices to adjust camera settings and alerts based on their preferences. 

ZoomOn provides many customization options, allowing users to have greater control over camera settings, such as resolution and sensitivity. Additionally, the app offers customizable notification preferences, which empowers users to personalize the monitoring experience according to their specific needs. Recording and saving recordings are also possible to customize.


Alfred Camera offers a free basic plan, making it an attractive option for those on a limited budget. However, unlocking advanced features and removing ads require a premium subscription, available at a monthly or annual cost.

ZoomOn offers three subscription plans. Starting from a reasonable weekly fee, users can choose a plan that aligns with their needs and budget. This flexibility allows users to select the one that best suits their requirements without being tied to a fixed plan. There are no differences between subscriptions except for the price. You will always have all the features of home security.

Rating Summary Table

ProductUser–FriendlyFeaturesValue for money
Alfred Camera656

Specifications Table

FeatureAlfred CameraZoomOn
Motion DetectionBasic motion detectionAdvanced motion detection alerts
Sound DetectionYesYes
Automatic recording capabilitiesYesYes
Recordings StoragePremium subscription requiredYes
Video StreamingStandard video streamingHigh-quality video streaming (1080p)
Multiple Camera SupportNoYes
CustomizationLimited customization optionsCustomizable camera settings
User-Friendly InterfaceSimple and user-friendlyIntuitive and easy to navigate
Repurposing Old SmartphonesYesYes
Integrating with HW cameraNoYes (HomeKit, ONVIF, and other IP cameras that support local RTSP, MJPEG or HLS stream)
Free Basic PlanYesNo – but 3-day trial plan
Pricingstarts at $5.99 USD per month (premium version)starts at $2.49 per week

ZoomOn Recommendation

The Alfred Camera and the ZoomOn are great options as they are cheaper and easier to use than other brands. So, you can’t go wrong with either of them.


If you need advanced features like motion detection alerts and recordings storage, prefer a user-friendly experience, require extensive customization options, and seek flexible pricing plans, then choose ZoomOn.

If you have budget constraints, require a simple monitoring solution without advanced features or extensive customization, and prefer a straightforward setup process, choose  Alfred Camera.


When deciding between Alfred Camera and ZoomOn for your home surveillance needs, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements:

  • ZoomOn offers advanced features such as motion detection alerts and recordings storage, making it a suitable choice for those seeking comprehensive security solutions.
  • Alfred Camera, with its free basic plan and simple functionality, is a viable option for budget-conscious users with basic monitoring needs.

Additionally, ZoomOn provides a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and flexible pricing plans, while Alfred Camera offers simplicity and a straightforward setup process.

To make the best decision, evaluate your budget, desired features, and customization needs. Whether you choose ZoomOn or Alfred Camera, both options offer distinct advantages based on your preferences.

FAQ: Alfred Camera Alternative

Is there a better app than Alfred camera?

Yes, ZoomOn offers a more advanced and feature-rich alternative to Alfred Camera. Because of its advanced features like motion detection alerts, recordings storage options, and customizable settings, providing a more comprehensive and seamless home surveillance experience.

What’s better than Alfred?

ZoomOn outshines Alfred Camera due to its advanced features such as motion detection alerts, customizable settings, multiple camera support, and higher video streaming quality, offering a more comprehensive home security solution.

What is the free alternative to Alfred?

ZoomOn serves as a free alternative to Alfred Camera by offering basic home security features, motion detection alerts, and a user-friendly interface, allowing users to monitor their homes without the need for an Alfred Camera premium subscription.

What is the best Onvif camera app?

ZoomOn is a suitable option for those seeking an app with ONVIF camera support. With ZoomOn, you can integrate and manage your ONVIF-compliant cameras, benefiting from its advanced features and seamless monitoring capabilities. It provides a user-friendly interface, motion detection, automatic video recordings, live video streaming, and other functionalities that enhance the ONVIF camera experience.

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