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Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From A to G

Do you sometimes feel like some home security words are unfamiliar to you? No wonder! Many new home security words emerge every year, and keeping up with them can be pretty challenging. 

As part of our security vocabulary, we will explain the essential home security words to help you get your bearings in the home security world.

Let’s start with home security words beginning with the letters A to G!



Also Artificial Intelligence. An intuitive component of smart home devices. It learns the owner’s behavior and transforms it into experiences that match the user’s needs.


An audible or visual alert that a security problem has occurred.


Turning on a security system so that it is ready to detect an alarm event. In addition to full arming, some home security systems allow partial arming.

Arming Away

Turning on the home security system when you leave the house. All detectors are activated.

Arming Stay

Turn on the home security system when you intend to stay at home. It includes the activation of all outdoor sensors.


Battery Backup

A secondary power source that provides power to the home security system during a power outage. It is usually intended for temporary use (up to 48 hours).


Also Burglary. An illegal entry into a building, car, or other property with the intent to commit a crime, especially theft.

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Burglar Alarm

A home security system designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building, car or other property.


To remove a zone from service or to avoid monitoring a specific area of the house.



Also Closed-Circuit Television. A visual CCTV surveillance system used to monitor and record a variety of environments. 


An audible tone produced by a security panel or keypad when a security problem is detected. It also allows homeowners to monitor the comings and goings in the house. 


A remote server for storing your video footage or other data. You can access it from anywhere via multiple devices.

CO Detector

Also Carbon Monoxide Detector. A sensor that detects the presence of toxic carbon monoxide. This odorless gas is created by open fires, space heaters or blocked chimneys. 

Contact Detector

A sensor that alerts you when a door or window is opened.

Control Panel

Also CPU. A central computer of a security system. Allows users to manage the entire security system via the dashboard or keypad.



Turning the security system off.


Also Digital Video Recorder. A device that records video to local storage devices, mostly to hard drives, USB flash drives, or SD memory cards.

DIY Security System

If you are installing a DIY security system, you can install it without the help of professional security system technicians.



If the video stream is encrypted, it is converted to a code to prevent unauthorized use or access.

Entry delay

A time delay that allows you to get into the house and disarm the alarm system before it sets off.

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Technology for connecting devices on a wired local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). 

Exit Delay

A time delay that allows you to leave home before the security system activates.


Field of View

The angle at which security cameras and detectors can see and detect motion.

Fire Alarm

A sensor that monitors environmental changes associated with combustion (heat, smoke or flame).

Flood Detector

A sensor designed to detect the presence of water. Often installed in basements, cellars, laundry rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Freeze Sensor

Also Low Temperature Sensor. It monitors the temperature inside the house and alerts you whenever the temperature drops dangerously. It is often installed near thermostats or water pipes that are prone to freezing.


Glass Break Sensor

A device that detects if the glass has been broken or shattered. It is often installed near glass doors or glass storefronts.

Google Home

An application that acts as a hub for all Google devices. It is also the name for a smart speaker developed by Google.


Also Global System for Mobile Communication. It is a digital mobile network used by mobile phone users. 

Guest codes

Access codes for guests that are used for entering homes with a keyless smart home lock.

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