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How to Deter Burglars From Your Home?

We can probably all agree that the thought of a burglarized home scares everyone. We could not only lose our valuables in such unpleasant life situations, but we may also suffer a shock that is hard to recover from. Therefore, in this article, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks on how to deter burglars from your home.

1) Install motion-activated outdoor lighting

Install motion-responsive outdoor lighting. Think of lighting your front door as a priority. And if your budget allows, install such lighting around your entire house.

Some motion sensors are more sensitive and can detect the movement of people and cats, for instance. But you shouldn’t mind that at all – it is better to keep track of all the activity around the house.

2) Get a guard dog

Dogs are not only great companions but also great helpers. Especially when it comes to protecting your property. Some breeds will only start barking when passers-by walk past your house.

If you love dogs, getting a guard dog is one way to deter thieves. Also, don’t forget to put a „Beware of the dog“ sign on your fence.

💡 TIP: You can put a „Beware of the dog“ sign on your fence whether you have a dog or not – at least the would-be thief would be in doubt.

3) Maintain surrounding landscape

An unmaintained garden can give the impression that the house is uncared for and that no one is living there. This can provide the belief that your home is abandoned and that it is an easy target.

Moreover, trees, bushes, and shrubs that aren’t maintained offer plenty of places for burglars to hide when they run away. Therefore, maintain your yard and trim all trees and bushes regularly. The smaller the bush, the more likely a thief will not hide behind it.

If you’re a hedge lover, don’t forget to decorate them with trellises and some spiky plants such as Osmanthus or Climbing Roses.

4) Install the security doors

Invest in good-quality security doors, too. It is simply not within the capability of the average mortal to break down or dislodge a security door, even with the best tools.

Security doors are also fire-resistant. So if you live in a block of flats, you don’t have to worry about a fire in the neighbors‘ house.

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With a good quality security door, you can also get a discount on your property insurance and prevent heat from escaping your house. If you’re a fan of innovative home technology, you’ll also appreciate the option to get unique electronic locks – which you can control with a mobile phone app.

5) Install a home security camera system

With a home security system, you’ll be safe even during vacation or tiring business trips. Whether installing indoor or outdoor security cameras, you can easily see what’s happening in your home via a mobile phone app. Such security systems can easily deter burglars from your home.

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Outdoor security cameras also act as an excellent thief deterrent. Many cameras offer the ability to record HD video, so you can beautifully discern the details of the intruder and quickly identify him.

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💡 TIP: If you don’t want to invest in outdoor security cameras, you can install dummy fake surveillance cameras on your facade. At the very least, inexperienced thieves will be confused about whether it is a real security camera.

6) Be smart online

Almost all of us boast on social media now that we are going to have a magical holiday. Consider whether you need to announce your holiday plans to your social media audience. You never know who might find out about your absence and use that information to your disadvantage.

Similarly, wait to post vacation photos until after you’ve returned home. When you publish your photos while on holiday, it is like saying: „Come and break into my house.“

7) Hide valuables from sight

Try to hide everything valuable. If burglars see your car or garden furniture, they might wonder what’s inside the house. So don’t leave your car in the driveway, park it in the garage, and put bicycles or barbecue equipment in a garden shed or storage unit.

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Also, don’t forget to pull down the blinds, especially on the ground floor of your house. Burglars will not be able to see inside the house. But blinds are also a significant barrier to a home invasion.

If you have a safe, be sure to place all valuables in it.

8) Have someone collect post from your mailbox

Ask your trusted neighbors or family members to collect your mailbox regularly. Overflowing mailboxes are blatantly obvious to burglars. Some burglars even use the trick of filling mailboxes with flyers regularly to see how long it takes for someone to collect their mailbox.

To be safe, also give neighbors or family members a key to the house so they can check the house if they have any suspicions.

9) Leave your radio and TV on

If a loud sound comes from your home, a burglar will be less likely to scout out your home. Therefore, leave your television or radio on. You’ll appreciate this home protection method when heading out for an evening of entertainment.

💡 TIP: You can also set a timer to start the TV or radio at a certain time. You can use similar timers to set the lights on and off in different rooms of the house.

Now you can also find some unusual TV simulators in electronics stores that can imitate a TV screen by changing its colors. As you can see, it’s one of the cheapest ways to deter burglars!

10) Add security bars outside your window

If you don’t want to underestimate home security and if you don’t mind interfering with the house’s construction, install security bars in your windows. You can get these at hardware stores.

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Metal bars may seem unsightly, but they ensure that a burglar can’t get into your house. Plus, nowadays, they no longer have to look unwelcoming to your guests – there are many types of bars on the market, so you can get ones that will fit the look of your house.

11) Don’t hide your keys out

If you have a secret stash for a spare key to your house (in case of locking yourself out, for example), be sure to take the key out of the stash. You might be surprised, but some burglars are big spies and can figure out hiding places like this.

💡 TIP: Give the spare key to your trusted neighbors before you go on holiday or a business trip.

12) Be friends with your neighbors

Do your neighbors often go for evening walks? Do they pass by your house when they come back from work? Ask them to check your house from time to time to see if anything suspicious has happened. You can thank them for their security services with a bottle of wine or an invitation to an evening barbecue.

Now you know, how to deter burglars from your home!

How do you ensure home security? Could it be better? So make a checklist of the mentioned precautionary steps. Add any other insights that came to mind when reading this article, and get down to it!

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