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Do I Really Need a Home Security Camera System?

Home security systems are increasingly finding their way into homes around the world. Many circumstances can lead you to get one. Sometimes the main reason is prevention, and sometimes it may be an unpleasant experience that has befallen you. Let’s look at a few life situations in which a home security system can be a helpful tool.

You worry about your property

You certainly don’t want to lose your valuables, art collections, or things you have an emotional attachment to. Some items, quite simply, can never be replaced by anything. If you care about your property, you should get outdoor and indoor security cameras at the very least.

You suddenly gain an advantage over burglars. Either the camera system on your house will immediately deter the burglar, or at least you will have some evidence for the police in the event of a break-in. In this case, you will most appreciate home security system features such as Recordings and Motion Detection

You want to be safe

Surely, none of us want to stand face to face with a burglar. In this case, not only security cameras will come in handy, but especially motion sensors that can alert us to unwanted movement in the house. So you can sleep peacefully.

Video doorbells are also a helpful tool, thanks to which you can quickly see who is behind the front door. 

You look after your pets

When a puppy or kitten becomes a member of the family, many of you indeed take a time off so that you can give your pets your full attention and be with them 24 hours a day. But over some time, you’ll want to teach your pets to be independent. Plus, not all of you have the option of working from home or taking your pets to the workplace. 

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A home camera system allows you to monitor your pets whenever you are. Many camera systems also work as portable walkie-talkies, so you can talk to your four-legged friends at any time. Raising your voice is often enough to discourage your pets from biting your slippers or scratching the couch!

When you get home from work, you can watch the daily video footage, and you surely find some funny moments. Share them with your friends!

You take care of your loved ones

You may not be able to care for your loved ones 24 hours a day. Thanks to the camera system, you can watch your loved ones and help them immediately if necessary. If you have a multi-generational home or take care of elderly or disabled family members, you may be grateful for a home security camera system.

In the same way, security cameras will also be helpful if a caregiver is looking after your loved ones. You can always be sure that your family members are appropriately cared for.

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In this case, you need to keep in mind that every person being monitored must know about the home security system and must agree to be recorded.

You are often on the move

During your extended vacation or business trip, do your neighbors check on your house from time to time? Lucky you! But what to do when you don’t have neighbors or can’t rely on them? You can have more peace of mind after getting a home camera system. 

You can then monitor your home via a mobile phone app, anytime, anywhere. If you see anything unusual, you can immediately alert your friends who can come to check your house.

ZoomOn App - Should I Get a Home Security System?

You are a technology enthusiast

Of course, we can’t forget about smart home technology fans and lovers of numbers and statistics! If you’re one of them, we’re sure you already have some security cameras or other smart home or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

You can also improve your home security with doorbells, water sensors, motion sensors, open window/door sensors, fire alarms, and other modern devices. These will make you a champion in the field of home security! Your friends will be amazed at what you can control and monitor with your mobile phone.

Creating a home security system is simple

Have you found yourself in the mentioned situations? Then it would be best for you to consider getting and setting up a security system.

And it’s not that complicated. You don’t have to start buying unique security cameras and dealing with their installation. You can start quite simply – all you need are two mobile phones. Install the ZoomOn app on both devices, and pair them. That’s it – one mobile phone is the camera, and the other phone is the monitoring device. 

Expand your home security system!

In the future, you can also add professional security cameras (HomeKit, ONVIF, and other IP cameras) to the app. In this way, you create a unique system of multiple security cameras that you can control with a single app. It’s that easy!

You can try the ZoomOn app for free for three days (if you choose a yearly plan). Just try out all the features such as Motion Detection, Recordings, Two-way Video & Sound, Smart Notifications, and other cool features at your leisure!

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