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TOP 10 Safest Countries in the World

We all have our idea of an ideal vacation. Some people prefer to relax on the beach, read books, and sunbathe. Adrenaline lovers can’t imagine their vacation without diving in the sea or adventurously exploring mountain tops.

What do you consider when choosing your holiday destination? Do you think about how safe the country is? In our article, we will focus on countries where you don’t have to worry about your safety – here is a list of the TOP 10 safest countries in the world.

Global peace index ranking

We will show how each country performs according to the Global Peace Index (GPI). The Global Peace Index is a report produced and updated annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit. 

The index measures national and regional peacefulness in three main areas:

  1. The level of security in society.
  2. The extent of domestic and international conflicts.
  3. The level of militarization.

So what are the safest countries in the world for 2022?

TOP 10 Safest Countries in the World

1. Iceland

This mysterious island has been attracting adventurers since time immemorial. Every year, it attracts fans of giant waterfalls and fabulous thermal pools. So if you want to spend your holiday wandering through mountains and relaxing in hot mineral water, Iceland is the best choice.

This country has a low crime rate. The crime in Iceland is so minor that the police often carry no weapons, just a baton and pepper spray. What else makes Iceland the most peaceful country? A high level of education and quality of life.


2. New Zealand

When you say New Zealand, most of you think of Lord of the Rings or a ceremonial dance Haka performed by rugby teams. There are, of course, many more of these fantastic things.

In this area with a low population density, you can see breathtaking natural landmarks made up of beaches, lakes, mountains, forests, and fjords. Surfers and skiing enthusiasts alike will be in for a treat.

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New Zealand is exceptional for its low number of imprisoned people and high environmental quality. A low level of corruption and social policy contribute to a sense of security. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has very few dangerous animals and insects.

New Zealand

3. Ireland

Cozy Irish pubs, friendly atmosphere, whiskey, green color, and picturesque landscapes are just a few of Ireland’s biggest draws. Ireland is well known for St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated annually on March 17 in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The green color is seen everywhere on that day!

Ireland performs well in the Global Peace rankings mainly due to its low level of internal organized conflict, a low number of deaths from conflict, and good neighboring country relations.  


4. Denmark

This flat European country (the highest point is 170 meters above sea level) will amaze you with its monuments, natural beauty, Legoland, and modern bridges. Denmark regularly tops the list of the happiest countries in the world. What is more, Copenhagen is considered to be the safest city in the world!

The people of Denmark are among the most honest, and corruption is only sporadic. This country is also characterized by a low crime rate and political stability. In addition, there is almost a 100% probability that you will not encounter any natural disasters here. 


5. Austria

Austria is famous for its beautiful alpine scenery, monumental architecture from the Habsburg era, world-renowned musical geniuses, and traditional cuisine. Mountain and road cycling enthusiasts regularly visit this country.

Austria has long been one of the countries with a low crime rate. It is a politically stable country that has excellent neighboring country relations.


6. Portugal

Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe. It is popular for its famous Port wine, renowned gastronomy, technically proficient footballers, and overseas explorers. It is also known for its mesmerizing volcanic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira.

There’s no need to worry about increased crime in Portugal, just more pickpockets in Lisbon’s outlying districts. Interestingly, Portugal was the first country to make it compulsory to include fingerprints on ID cards


7. Slovenia

Slovenia prides itself on Venetian-style coastlines, beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks, and picturesque countryside with both calm and wild rivers. Your eyes will also be delighted by the typical rural architecture and countless important sights. The most visited places are Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, and the capital Ljubljana.

Slovenia has a low crime rate like the other countries in this ranking. There are no dramatic or dangerous situations to worry about in Slovenia. However, if you’re in larger cities, be more careful when storing personal belongings.


8. The Czech Republic

This central European country of 10 million people attracts tourists from all over the world. Prague (the capital city) and other historic towns such as Kutná Hora and Český Krumlov are widely visited. The Czech Republic is also attractive to beer lovers and lovers of typical local cuisine. 

The Czech Republic has earned the best possible mark in access to weapons (it is very controlled here) and neighboring country relations. Compared to the other countries on this list, it fares slightly worse on the indicator of perceived criminality in society.

Czech Republic

9. Singapore

Singapore is a city-state described by many as the economic jungle of Asia. Some seek endless shopping, while others prefer to explore history and art. The countless sightseeing buildings offer an unforgettable spectacle. You can indulge in unconventional water sports at the beaches.

Singapore is a safe country with a low crime rate. You don’t have to worry about violence or high theft risk so you can move around day and night without fear.


10. Japan

Travel in Japan is extraordinary because of its diversity. The country combines a traditional lifestyle with a modern one. Thus, culturally oriented Japan can offer you dances of famous geishas, but also dynamic illuminated Japanese cities. You can also experience plenty of gastronomic delights there.

In terms of crime, you’ll be safe in Japan – the minimal incidence of theft is proof of that. In general, there is law and order in Japan and the police are quick to respond to any suspected criminal activity.

As for the natural conditions, frequent earthquakes are not unusual, but in most cases, they are unnoticeable. 


This was a list of the TOP 10 safest countries in the world. However, we are sure you might be more interested in this topic. Here are the answers to the most common questions:

What are the most dangerous countries?

We are sure you’re also wondering which countries are the most dangerous. According to the GPI, these countries are the most dangerous:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Yemen
  3. Syria
  4. Russia
  5. South Sudan
  6. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  7. Iraq
  8. Somalia
  9. Central African Republic
  10. Sudan

Is the USA a safe country?

According to the GPI, the USA ranks 129th. This means that the USA is far from the safest country in the world.

Which is the No 1 safe country in the world?

If you have read our article carefully, you surely know the answer. Yes, it is Iceland!

What are the safest cities in the world?

According to the Safe Cities Index (SCI) for 2021, the safest cities in the world are:

  1. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  2. Toronto (Canada)
  3. Singapore
  4. Sydney (Australia)
  5. Tokyo (Japan)
  6. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  7. Wellington (New Zealand)
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Melbourne (Australia)
  10. Stockholm (Sweden)

What to do if you don’t live in one of the safest countries in the world?

Most of us feel insecure in another country, which is nothing unusual. We are exploring new environments, meeting people we don’t know well, and being cautious in new situations. But the key is to feel safe at home. 

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