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Home Security Vocabulary: Security Words – From H to N

If you’re a home security newbie, you probably don’t know all the essential home security terms yet. But that’s okay. Thanks to our series of blog articles, and you’ll be more competent in no time!

Let’s continue with other home security words! Now expand your home security vocabulary with words beginning with the letters H to N!



If the device is hardwired, it means that it is connected to other electrical components through cables and electrical wires. 

High Definition (HD)

Higher video resolution, offering a much clearer picture than standard definition (SD). 

Home Alarm

A warning system or device designed to warn of fire, smoke, intruder, etc. It alerts you that there might be potential burglary or property damage.

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Home Automation

Also known as Domotics, Home Automation is a technology that gives you remote control of all home settings (lighting, climate, appliances, etc.).


Referring to home security, a hub is a central control panel for a comprehensive smart home system.


Indoor Camera

A security camera installed inside a building. The latest models offer a range of advanced features, such as Motion Detection, Night Vision, Zoom In/Out, etc.


A person who intrudes on the property (mostly buildings) with criminal intent.

IP (Internet Protocol)

A set of rules for communication over the internet.

IP Address

A long string of numbers assigned to every device connected to a network that uses Internet Protocol.

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IP camera

IP camera is a type of camera that provides digital video surveillance by sending and receiving footage over the Internet.

IoT (Internet of Things)

A network of physical devices, home appliances, and other devices. The system is equipped with electronics, software, sensors, moving parts, and network connectivity. It allows these devices to connect and exchange data.



Pressable numbered button interface, mostly wall-mounted. With the keypad, you can control or set the functions of a home security system.


LAN (Local Area Network)

A group of computers and other devices that share a common communication line.

Live Video Stream

A video sent over the Internet in real time, without first being recorded and stored.


Motion detector

An electronic device that uses a sensor to detect nearby people or objects. Motion detectors are an essential component of any professional security system.


Night Vision

Night vision is a feature of security cameras that allows you to see monitored locations in low-light conditions. Such devices use a scotopic vision (all objects are perceived as gray).

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National Security Inspectorate. The organization provides an inspection service for businesses operating within the security industry.

NSI Approved

A certification given to companies that can meet NSI’s standards. 

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