How can I pair 2 mobile phones?

Make sure that both devices are online and that the latest version of the app is installed on both devices.

Step 1. On app’s dashboard choose “Pair my mobile” (If you have already added a camera, use the „+“ at the top right of the screen.).

Step 2. On the first device, select „Create code„. The app will generate a unique code for you. Enter the code on the second device you want to pair.

ZoomOn virtual camera set up
ZoomOn add mobile create code

Step 3. On the second device, select „Enter code„. Then enter the code from the first device or scan the QR code from the first device.

ZoomOn add mobile enter code
ZoomOn Entering code

Step 4. That’s it! You’ve just turned your mobile phones into a security system. Click on the room preview and start monitoring!