How can I pair a mobile phone with IP ONVIF camera?

Step 1. On app’s dashboard choose “Pair my camera” (If you have already added a camera, use the “+” at the top right of the screen.).

Step 2. Select “IP cameras“. The application will automatically start searching for available ONVIF cameras on your network.

ZoomOn add camera ip cameras
ZoomON ip cameras searching network

Step 3. In the list of found ONVIF cameras, select the one you want to add to the app. In the settings, enter the name of camera and login credentials (IP address and Port are already present). Select “Add camera” to add the camera to the app.

ZoomOn IP cameras IP cam
ZoomON manual searych add camera

Step 4. If you want to add an ONVIF camera manually, select “Find camera by IP Address“. Fill in the required information for the ONVIF camera and select “Add camera“. Your camera will be added to the app.

ZoomOn IP cameras find camera by ip adress
ZoomON manual search