How can I pair a mobile phone with other IP camera?

IP cameras can only be added in ZoomOn app on iOS devices.

Step 1. On app’s dashboard choose “Pair my camera” (If you have already added a camera, use the „+“ at the top right of the screen.).

Step 2. Select „IP cameras“ and “Add camera manually”.

ZoomOn add camera ip cameras
ZoomOn IP cameras add camera manually

Step 3. Name your camera first. Then select the type of protocol supported by the camera (RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS, other). Fill in the IP address and Path (leave the default Port unchanged). If you are using a login to your camera, select „Login to the camera“ and enter the login and password. Confirm your camera with the „Save changes“ button.

ZoomOn add camera manually
ZoomOn add camera manually save

If you are not sure of the supported protocol and path, visit, search for your camera make and model – the system will show you the supported protocol and path for your camera model.

Step 4.Advanced settings” allow you to set a secondary stream, enable/disable audio stream, rotate the image by 180 degrees, or set a custom aspect ratio.