How can I pair a mobile phone with HomeKit camera?

Step 1. On app’s dashboard choose “Pair my camera” (If you have already added a camera, use the „+“ at the top right of the screen.).

Step 2. Select „Apple HomeKit camera“ and allow access to the HomeKit app with the „Allow“ button.

ZoomOn add camera apple homekit camera
ZoomOn Apple Homekit

Step 3. Once permission is granted, you’ll see a list of all available HomeKit cameras that you can add to the app. To add the first HomeKit camera, select „Add camera„.

ZoomOn Apple Homekit
ZoomOn Apple Homekit

Step 4. Follow the instructions to add a new HomeKit camera. Select „Continue“ to scan the QR code from your HomeKit camera – it will be automatically added to the ZoomOn app. The app will then redirect you to a list of available HomeKit cameras.

ZoomOn add cameras
HomeKit - Add Accessory